Interesting Details on Glass Bongs

Did you know that one of the oldest and traditions within the country of Turkey is the Nargile (or better known as the glass bong). The glass bong is exceptionally popular with both men and women finding great enjoyment in smoking from this beautifully crafted water pipe. The hooked originally started an entirely new culture which has been endured and remained popular for countless of years. Even today the glass bong provides bountiful amounts of enjoyment to smoking enthusiasts around the world. The original glass bong first came from India, but it was incredibly primitive to say the least as it was originally fashioned from a coconut shell. Its popularity began to quickly spread to Iran and across the rest of the Arab world, with the glass glass bong pipe becoming incredibly popular within the Western world as a boom within the smoking market kicked off with cheap starter smoking pipe products becoming available in many stores.
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But it was initially in Turkey that the water glass bong pipe completed its revolution, and since then didn’t change its original styling for the last few hundred years. The glass bong has became an essential part of the coffee shop culture around the world, however it found its popularity in Turkey around the time of Murat (between 1623 and 1640). The pleasure that smokers receive from this incredibly simple yet elegant smoking apparatus is phenomenal. Rules were later established even for just lighting up the pipe, and if a professional or enthusiastic smoker saw an individual lighting it incorrectly, the culprit would then be told to put out the coals.

The glass bong itself consists of just four pieces which are:
● Bowl.
● Chamber (the body of the pipe that is filled with water).
● Mouth-piece (the very top of the glass bong).
● Downpipe.
Each and every single piece of the pipe were manufactured by special and highly skilled craftsmen, who were originally named after the piece that they produced. Even in todays day and age, the areas where these skilled craftsmen used to live are called by the named after the part of the glass bong.

Did you know that not all tobaccos qualify for usage in a glass bong? Only the very darkest tobacco which is imported from Iran is used within the glass bong. This particular type of tobacco is typically washed several times before it is safe to use do to its potency. The only charcoal that was originally used in a glass bong was oak charcoal and would be placed on the very top of the tobacco. Some professional glass bong smokers also chose to use particular fruits, such as sour cherries or even grapes, this was so they could simply enjoy the motion it produced within the water. Other individuals used to enjoy (and still do) adding pomegranate juice or even rose oil into their water for extra flavour. The glass bong smoker would hate any individual who chose to light their cigarette from their glass bong fire, this was because they felt it would disturb the rhythm of the glass bong’s burning charcoal.

Why I Use Vaporizers Over Bongs

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Vaporizers versus bongs is now the big debate, as vaporizers are increasingly become a popular choice. Vaporizers and bongs each have their own special sets of characteristics, but for me, I prefer to use the vaporizer over a bong.

Bongs may be great for parties, but try carrying one around with you, or sneaking one into work. Bongs do seem more like party wear to me, along with the balloons, beer, and chips. For those of us who need to smoke cannabis due to social anxiety, we often want to do it in privacy. Nothing beats the portability of the vaporizer. We can escape across the street at lunch time, and discreetly smoke our cannabis oil.

Since the vaporizer emits no smoke, there isn’t that telltale sign of what you’ve been smoking when you get back to work. No one will be the wiser. For those of us who totally stress out in an office, a vaporizer is a life saver. If the choice is to work and use a vaporizer, or use nothing, and stress out to the point of a heart attack, well, my ball is in the vaporizer court.

Besides being discreet cannabis-wise, the vaporizer is also a discreet method of smoking. Many vaporizers look like fancy pens. So, if someone comes up to you, you can merely pretend that you’re scribbling in your notebook. The things we do to maintain a good appearance at work! You can also smoke your vaporizer in those private washrooms at work, if you absolutely must, though usually someone is banging on the door to get in. While they’re more private, those types of bathrooms are busy. I guess no one told us that they’re really for the disabled!

Vaporizers also appeal to females. They’re stylish and elegant, and can be tucked away into any small purse or wallet. Imagine a woman smoking a bong on the patio! Plus, if you live in a city where smoking cannabis is only legal in the privacy of your home, smoking a bong out in public isn’t such a great idea. When you smoke a vaporizer, people may notice what you’re doing, but not actually know what you’re smoking. The vaporizer remains a discreet way to smoke whatever you want.

Vaporizers also come in more designs than you can think of. You can choose from metallic finishes, enamels, and colorful graphics. It’s almost like choosing a pen, with the variety of different styles that are available, and more coming out each month.

A vaporizer works with a variety of consumables, including cannabis oil, cannabis leaves, natural herbs, and traditional tobacco. They’re quite versatile, and if you’re actually trying to quit smoking, you can switch out the tobacco for natural herbs, for example. It may take a bit longer, but the key is to stop smoking cigarettes first.

Vaporizers are more versatile than bongs, so that’s why I’d choose a vaporizer first. They’re discreet, attractive, and take up a lot less space while traveling.

Extracting oil from the Cannabis Plant

Extracting oil from the cannabis plant is a great way to optimize the use of the stems, leaves, and various other trimmings of this euphoric plant. If you are going to go through the trouble of planting, growing, and maintaining an inventory of plants, you might as well take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits that cannabis can provide.

There are a variety of different methods to isolate the oils from within almost any type of plant matter. In fact, essential oil extraction is a popular and practical method for chemists and every day citizens to separate and collect the therapeutically useful components.
Steam distillation uses heat and water to coax the oil pockets from within the plant matter. A fairly complex apparatus is used to cool and condense the oil matter for collection. Careful collection will yield the most pure and unaltered version of essential oil.

Solvent extraction involves the addition of another chemical or solution to the plant matter so that a chemical reaction isolates the oil from the other parts of the plant. Although this method is usually affordable and straightforward, solvents can sometimes dilute or change the overall composition of the final product.

The final method that is often used to extract essential oil from plant matter is mechanical pressing. The physical pressure actually squeezes the oil from the plant matter. When squeezed in a water solution, the oil will separate making for an easier isolation.
Although plant buds have the greatest content of cannabinoids, the other portions of the plant may be equally useful if exposed to the right methods for oil extraction. In the event of crop damage, extraction may be the best bet for getting something useful! Oils can be added to a glycerin solution for vaping, rubbed topically on the skin, or diffused into the air. They can also be used in cooking or just for general consumption. Stop wasting valuable plant material when you throw away the trimmings – start extracting today!

Amanda Bynes’ Murders an Innocent Bong

murdered bong

bong lays to rest

Here lays bong, he was a simple specimen described as “the most chill guy you’ll ever meet”. Who would do such a thing to such a nice guy? you may be wondering. The demons name is Amanda Bynes. She kills without warning to save her own ass.

The story goes that the woman threw the glass bong out of her apartment window, which was on the 36th floor. Jokes aside it is a good job nobody was walking by at the same as it could of done them some serious damage. She denies doing so but has been charged, she posted that she has never owned a bong in her life, nobody accused her of owning one, just throwing one.

She then later was reported to enter a rehab program, what a drama queen!

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BBC Cannabis Fear Mongering Strikes Again

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I started this morning the way I always do, with a strong cup of Earl Grey tea and a fatty (a fat joint, not lady!). I then took to the internet to check the local news and headlines, sometimes on BBC one story leads you on to another because of the way they interlink. (an interlink is linking to another place on a website, e.g. this). The reason I clicked over to an older post is because the headline really grabbed my attention, not so much because it interested it, but because it angered me. “Teenagers’ heavy cannabis use ‘impairs intelligence’”, was the headline that sparked a fury in my heart.

It was the same fear mongering nonsense with no facts, experiments or studies like always. Take a look for your self on the post here. I can speak first hand on this, not about myself, but about the people I grew up with. Some of my friends would smoke cannabis every morning before school, another after school and another before bed. They would stay high more than they would sober. Granted some of these friends went into menial labour jobs, but a few went on to be doctors and lawyers. It is so easy to blame something that can’t talk or defend itself. For example, blaming the dog for farting. Pardon my crudeness, but it is a valid point.

So, what I would love to know is your views on this. Have you had any friends that were regular smokers who grew up to be professionals or academics? or the opposite? would you blame the herb?
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