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Bongs in Canada come in the hundreds when you visit bong shops such as, you can buy bongs in all designs from tall shiny glass pipes to mini glass bongs. You will find that the cheap glass bongs are fine, but they lack some of the benefits of the more expensive, higher quality models. For example, if you buy a glass bong for around 25 CAD you will most likely either have a downstem that is permanently attached to the bowl, using a glass on glass joint to the bong, or some type of rubber grommet that combines a metal downstem.

These may sound fine, but when it comes to using them you will find the benefits of the glass bongs to be well worth the money. The difference is that the bowl actually removes from the downstem, so when it comes to removing the burnt herb you do not have to remove the downstem (which drips water all over the place!). It may not sound like a big deal, but after a few bowl clears you will notice the huge ordeal smelly bong water actually creates!

Over the past, I have gone on to buy a bong online around 4 or 5 different times, here at we ship our bongs out all over Canada every day and keep our customers happy however we can. If you are considering to buy a bong online then you could not be in a better place! Our shop, for bongs in Canada, serves every smoker every product they could possibly need. We have had bongs for sale for over four years now and continue to grow stronger every week, with brand new glass pipes coming onto our headshop every month there is always something new and impressive for you to browse and buy!

Our Canadian bong shop keeps an easy to navigate website by keeping our bongs grouped according to all different types of attributes such as height, material, style, colour and much more! So whether you are a newcomer to the bongs scene or an experienced bong smoker who knows exactly what they are after, you will find it with easy online our shop.

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